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January 5, 2010

I bought a new game, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 🙂

I’m not too good at these games, but I’ll try to beat this one XD

I bought a new wallet

It’s Chococat, and has a picture of the eiffel tower on the back

It was $14 though!

I’ve released a new dub from Kirei na Project 🙂 Please listen to it! (I’m Niigaki)


おはようございました ☆

January 5, 2010

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ YO!

Boo’s First Post~ Yeahh!

I feel bad, I haven’t bloggd on my blog in along time.

Oh well, how’s Y!P? Are you all wonderful? I am, I did a resolution from last year.

It was a joke. (’-’*) フフ

But It really happened, I told myself that I’d become 5’10 in 2010.

I am ~


But, Here here the new ones.

1) Become 50kg (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
I will, that’s some thing I have to accomplish!
2) Clearer Skin

That’s it, basically I finished my last year ones..
Become 5’10, change my style to Gyaru. 😛

Yep 😀 I hope everyone can do their Resolutions



Angeru’s Post : New Year, New Start

January 4, 2010

Hey everyone this is angelfirebabe (also know as Angeru)

This is my first blog post for Yoroshiku Project. I’m really proud to be in this project with all the members here 🙂

So as you all know, it is the start of 2010 and I took a picture for this blog ❤

*The japanese writing is Angeru in Japanese* XD

My new years resolution is to improve on my singing and to improve on my pronounciations.

Thanks for reading, I hope i didn’t bore you XD \^_^

♥Saya♥ My New Year!

January 4, 2010

On New Year’s Eve I had a party with my friends 🙂 Only 4 people in total (one of my friends went to Mexico for New Years), after midnite we were popping poppers and throwing hose TNT things on the floor outside:)It was pretty loud though, the neighbor came out to see what was going on, haha. I finally finished Suikoden Tierkreis (for DS)! I didn’t unlock all the characters though…:( It was a fun game.You know how you can move your finger really fast over a candle flame and you don’t feel the heat? Well one friend was doing that and my other friend had never dont that before so she got all freaked out 😛 Then she tried and was shocked, then that same friend, who has straight A’s, asked if it would hurt to leave your finger over the flame. […] She’s kind of clueless when it comes to those things…

My boring everday life 🙂



January 3, 2010

Hello Minna!! >o<

I´ve seen that other members have started posting…

That makes me very h-appi!!! =D

So it´s a new year???

2010 huh?? :O

I hope this year will be great 😀

I had new year dinner with my family 🙂

I ate turkey in sweeet sauce and had rice with milk!!

Then I went to my aunt´s house and ate more XD

There I ate meat juice and cake!! 🙂

I hope you also enjoyed your new year dinner 😀

ジャンケン (Janken) より