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おはようございました ☆

January 5, 2010

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ YO!

Boo’s First Post~ Yeahh!

I feel bad, I haven’t bloggd on my blog in along time.

Oh well, how’s Y!P? Are you all wonderful? I am, I did a resolution from last year.

It was a joke. (’-’*) フフ

But It really happened, I told myself that I’d become 5’10 in 2010.

I am ~


But, Here here the new ones.

1) Become 50kg (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
I will, that’s some thing I have to accomplish!
2) Clearer Skin

That’s it, basically I finished my last year ones..
Become 5’10, change my style to Gyaru. 😛

Yep 😀 I hope everyone can do their Resolutions




Konnichiwa ! :3

December 31, 2009

I’m Rii and I’m one of the dubbers in °H-appi 😀 Nice meeting you all ^^

Last week I went to London and  I just want to share to you guys some photos that I’ve taken on my camera which has only like two in it hehe XD

I love the food in the Wasabi restaurant ! The sushis are awesome, plus the yakisoba too !

And this one is , hmm. . . I think it’s in Picadilly or I don’t know lol I can’t remember ^^;;

Goodnight everyone (≥ω≤)

Fandubbers for the win !!

Please Visit My Blog ^^ [[ Coloured Cake ]]

~ Rii ♥

Blog Open

December 30, 2009


This is Janken and I will be the first Yoroshiku! member to post in here!!


Today was a calm day…

I wasn´t online alot of time but I mixed Kanny´s Sakura Mankai!! 🙂

I also want to recommend an awesome store in Japan!! 😀


They have all kinds of  toys and things there.

It´s 7 floors full of awesomeness!! ^o^

A pic of inside the store:

That was me for today.

See you soon!!