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January 3, 2010

Hello Minna!! >o<

I´ve seen that other members have started posting…

That makes me very h-appi!!! =D

So it´s a new year???

2010 huh?? :O

I hope this year will be great 😀

I had new year dinner with my family 🙂

I ate turkey in sweeet sauce and had rice with milk!!

Then I went to my aunt´s house and ate more XD

There I ate meat juice and cake!! 🙂

I hope you also enjoyed your new year dinner 😀

ジャンケン (Janken) より


Blog Open

December 30, 2009


This is Janken and I will be the first Yoroshiku! member to post in here!!


Today was a calm day…

I wasn´t online alot of time but I mixed Kanny´s Sakura Mankai!! 🙂

I also want to recommend an awesome store in Japan!! 😀


They have all kinds of  toys and things there.

It´s 7 floors full of awesomeness!! ^o^

A pic of inside the store:

That was me for today.

See you soon!!