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January 5, 2010

I bought a new game, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 🙂

I’m not too good at these games, but I’ll try to beat this one XD

I bought a new wallet

It’s Chococat, and has a picture of the eiffel tower on the back

It was $14 though!

I’ve released a new dub from Kirei na Project 🙂 Please listen to it! (I’m Niigaki)


♥Saya♥ My New Year!

January 4, 2010

On New Year’s Eve I had a party with my friends 🙂 Only 4 people in total (one of my friends went to Mexico for New Years), after midnite we were popping poppers and throwing hose TNT things on the floor outside:)It was pretty loud though, the neighbor came out to see what was going on, haha. I finally finished Suikoden Tierkreis (for DS)! I didn’t unlock all the characters though…:( It was a fun game.You know how you can move your finger really fast over a candle flame and you don’t feel the heat? Well one friend was doing that and my other friend had never dont that before so she got all freaked out 😛 Then she tried and was shocked, then that same friend, who has straight A’s, asked if it would hurt to leave your finger over the flame. […] She’s kind of clueless when it comes to those things…

My boring everday life 🙂